FRCS Class of 2021
A Class to Celebrate!
Video Montage

Due March 19th –

One way we celebrate our Seniors is by preparing a video montage that will highlight every Senior and will be available to view around Graduation. Over the coming weeks, please select up to 15 photos of your Senior to include in this video. Here are some suggestions for selecting photos:

  • Photos may be family and/or school-oriented
  • Preferred filed formats: .png, .jpg, or .pdf
  • Be sure to include at least one baby photo and one Senior photo
  • If you have group photos of your student with other FRCS students from over the years, I’d love for you to include these. Please add group photos to the “_Group Photos” folder.
  • Upload photos by March 19, 2021.
  • To upload your photos, please locate your student’s folder located in the following Google Drive folder:
  • Keep in mind that the video montage will be shared publicly

Lorie Smith
Community Relations & Events Coordinator
Front Range Christian School
6657 W Ottawa Ave, Suite A-17
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